Janice Jordan & Associates provide a range of services to clients that deliver measurable cost savings and business performance improvement. Primary services include:

  • Recruitment and Executive Search

 An extensive professional network across South Africa serves as a primary source for the recruitment and selection of qualified candidates. With focus on executive and professional placements, Janice Jordan and Associates are able to provide select opportunities to candidates and an effective solution for key position fulfillment to our corporate clients.

For a view of our current opportunities, please see our Jobs Listing page.

  • Power / Energy Cost Savings

Power or Energy cost savings are a key initiative that can deliver significant operational cost savings to businesses in South Africa. Janice Jordan & Associates are a primary consulting service in such initiatives and able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for implementation:

  • Business Performance Improvement Services

Janice Jordan & Associates are able to offer business performance improvement services at no risk or cost to clients. Services are targeted at delivering real savings and improvements that reflect on the financial measures. Funding for projects is based on a percentage of the savings or improvements realized reflecting our confidence in our services ability to drive real ROI. Our business performance improvement services include:

    • Operational cost reduction
    • Market growth and market share strategy and implementation
    • Improving sales effectiveness
    • Sales capability assessment and improvement
    • Sales opportunity identification and closing
    • Supplier services negotiation


  • Corporate golf day Services

Janice Jordan and Associates are please to be able to offer you a professional service to ensure your successful corporate golf day.  Our range of golf day services include:

    • ON THE DAY MANAGEMENT:  If you have most things organized but need help on the day and just before to make sure everything runs smoothly
    • THE A-Z MANAGEMENT:  is where we can really help you, all you have to do is fill your field and sign off the use of your logo.  We will take your budget and make your golf day look like you spent twice the money!  We offer services from invites through to post golf day Cds and we charge you 10 % of your budget or we negotiate a set fee to run your event!
    • BUDGET PACKAGES:  simply give us your budget per head and we will make the most of your budget!  We have the relationships across the board to bring you the most for your money.
  • Business Leadership and Motivational Engagements

With more than 25 years of business leadership experience, Janice has a personal wealth of knowledge and practical leadership lessons to share with executives and business teams. If you seek to reach new levels of performance either individually or as a team, your business can benefit from Janice’s personally delivered sessions including:

    • Business Leadership development and mentoring
    • Team motivational sessions
    • Sales team dynamics
    • Leadership development

For more information on any of the services at Janice Jordan & Associates, please contact us